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Corn cobs are used on a limited basis for industrial purposes in the United States for bedding, oil sorbents, polishing agents, and other uses. Now, corn cobs are reemerging as a potential biofuel feedstock for direct combustion, gasification, and cellulosic ethanol and appear to have numerous advantages over many competing feedstocks.

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Lalita's concept uses corn cobs that have been dried for a month, and then processed. According to Tom Spendlove at, "Full cobs, cobs cut into pieces, cobs burned into charcoal, cobs crushed into powder and fine sand were each used as a filter level for waste water." The filter itself ends up looking like this:

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When the corn is cool enough to handle, remove the husks and silk, as described above, perhaps using them as suggested. Cut the corn away from the cob. Put the corn in a small bowl, cover and refrigerate until ready to use (can also be made up to three days ahead). Put the corn cobs in a large pot, cover with cold water and simmer for one hour.

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The highest furfural concentration was 4.06 ± 0.18 g/L obtained from corn cobs autohydrolysis liquor without any catalyst at the highest temperature and time, this concentration corresponds to a yield of 10.83 ± 0.48% respect total hemicelluloses in the raw material.

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When to Use Corn Cob Media Corn Cob Media. Corn cob media is one type of blasting or deburring media that industrial companies and other companies that use blasting equipment to polish, shape, clean, and refine surfaces and parts.

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The aim of this study was to use low cost adsorbents, which consist of corn cobs as plant wastes adsorbents in treatment of Industrial waste water by fixed bed column technique and study the effect of two variables (pH value and contact time).


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A list of 13 ways ways corn is used in our everyday lives that you may not have known about.

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While corn cobs have been used on a small scale as a fuel for direct combustion in cooking and heating, their use as feedstock for large-scale energy production is a more modern concept.

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Strip an entire cob of corn in seconds. Compact and easy-to-use corn stripper. Stainless steel blades make quick work of corn kernels. Easily strip corn of kernels in one twisting/pushing motion. hope...

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I like that you included uses that don't destroy the cobs (the cooking ones) so that the cobs could still be dried and used as fire starters or bedding. I have heard that corn cobs used to be used in outhouses before commercially produced toilet paper (and catalogs) became so readily available.

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Maize cobs are a by-product of the maize crop, consisting of the central fibrous rachis of the female inflorescence (the maize "ear"). While the whole maize ear (with the grains, with or without the husks) is also sometimes called a maize cob, this datasheet concerns only the maize cob without the grains.

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Traditional farm uses include animal bedding, toilet paper substitute, landfill, fuel, and to make corn cob jelly. Modern industrial products made from corn cobs include absorbents for oil and ...

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Corn cobs are the inedible part of an ear of corn, with a tough consistency. They have certain industrial uses and can be made into bedding or other products, but they should not be eaten by humans or dogs.

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The Best Cob DifferenceBest Cob produces the highest quality, widest variety of corncob products. Superior CobsClean and Dry Seed Cobs Our corncobs are locally sourced, dye and additive free, and a direct by-product of the seed corn industry.

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Preparation of the Corn Cobs Preparation begins with drying the corn cobs, then cut them small with the size of 1 cm per side, crushed and sieved. This fine powder is used to identify the corn cobs, determination the Kappa Numbers for delignification and isolation of corn cobs hemicelluloses [4,5,6]. Isolation of Hemicelluloses from Corn Cobs

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Corn cobs, with a few alterations, can become splendid lawn darts. Your teenagers may enjoy making these toys by themselves, but the smaller fry will likely require some assistance in "cobbling up ...

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The Andersons Cob Products material starts as corn cobs grown on midwestern American farms. A durable and renewable resource, our products are 100% environmentally friendly. As all-natural, virtually dust free, non-toxic, silica free products, no special disposal may be required depending on specific use.

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Corn cob + Water = Corn Stock – Freeze corn stock and use it in soups and stews in the winter – Replace meat based stocks with corn stock to make vegetarian recipes – Make corn ice cream or corn flavored dessert, cake, pies, cookies by replacing milk with corn stock. Corn Cob Stock 2-3 corn cobs or more Water. Place cobs in large pot

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Corn cob grits can also be used as an abrasive or polishing component used for deburring, burnishing and polishing a wide variety of products such as roller chains and engine parts. Capabilities include consulting, formulating, testing, mixing, blending and product delivery.

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The cobs probably contribute more flavoring properties than actual sweetening. INDUSTRIAL USES A great many industrial uses have been proposed for cobs and, although the subject has already received a considerable amount of attention, further studies are being carried on by the Northern Regional Research Laboratory.

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20 ton industrial biomass corn cob fired steam boiler for . Industrial use corn cob steam boiler with full automatic Industrial use corn cob steam boiler with full automatic, US $ 5,000 wood coal steam boiler for textile industry school, hospital, restaurant, food factory, In the . Learn More

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When to Use Corn Cob Media Corn Cob Media. Corn cob media is one type of blasting or deburring media that industrial companies and other companies that use blasting equipment to polish, shape, clean, and refine surfaces and parts.

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Corn Cobs – ground cobs are used for livestock feed, and other farm uses include animal bedding, toilet paper substitute, landfill, fuel, and to make corn cob jelly. Industrial products are absorbents for oil/hazardous waste, insecticides, fertilizer, and grit for tumbling and blasting.